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Before submitting your project to us please familiarise yourself with Unicorn Films terms and conditions as outlined below.

By providing your videotape, film, pictures, images, music and other electronic media for copying you agree and understand that your media will be handled by Unicorn Films for the services specified.

We are a copy centre and we copy the material provided. It is not for us to inspect or provide a guide in terms of the quality of your material. You are solely responsible for this task.

By submitting cine film / camcorder tapes / video tapes to us, you confirm that you own the copyright or have permission from the copyright owner, to make copies of the materials. We cannot convert filmed material / video tapes that you may have acquired commercially, containing feature films that you have purchased / obtained from a third party. 

Unicorn Films accepts no liability caused by any loss or damage to your original materials, By submitting your order to Unicorn Films, you agree to release Unicorn Films and its employees from any liabilities arising from use of the service.

We use high quality Taiyo Yuden DVD-R discs for our transfer service. Most modern DVD players will play DVD-R types of DVD.  The majority of DVD discs are DVD-R Some older DVD players may not be compatible with the DVD-R format. For NTSC conversions we use DVD+R discs. (All current DVD players play both DVD-R and DVD+R discs)

Prices, term and conditions may change without notice. 

Submitting your order to Unicorn Films confirms your acceptance of all our terms and conditions.